7 Ways to Grow Self-love Now Lisa-Estrella Yang

7 Ways to Grow Self-Love Now 

1. Forgive yourself.
People make mistakes, including yourself. Just like when you forgive someone for making a mistake, forgive yourself as well. Hey, we are only human. 

2. Acknowledge kindness to self.
Do you thank someone for their kindness when they open the door for you? When you do something nice for yourself do not dismiss thanking yourself either. Gratitude does not discriminate, so it only makes sense to extend gratitude to thyself as well. Whether it is drowning out a negative thought or sneaking in a power nap, you are making powerful, active choices that add to your happiness.  

3. Give permission to self.
Allow yourself to feel all that you are feeling right now. Suppressing emotions goes back to when parents would tell children to not cry when they've scraped their knee. Surely a scraped knee doesn't feel like rainbows and butterflies. Give permission to self to experience what we are: expressive beings. By feeling we are also learning, and by learning we are growing. 

4. Realign the mind and the heart.
The heart wants one thing but the mind wants another. From that moment blossoms conflict within oneself. Bridge the heart and mind together by acknowledging any difference between the two. Take a pen and paper, and simply write the differences out in T-chart form. Now before your eyes is your heart and mind in physical form, allowing you to sort out the two. 

5. Write a love letter to self.
Writing a love letter to yourself is like having a life jacket on hand when a storm is about to hit you. Days when you feel like you are struggling to stay afloat and there's too much stress, whip out that love letter and read it carefully. Remind yourself that you are loved, that you love you. That letter is powerful, holding an immense amount of positive energy and light that will indeed drive away any darkness. 

6. Count your blessings. 
Acknowledge the bountifulness that is already present in your life. It's easy to get caught up with what others have and what you don't. Hanging around Instagram or Facebook for 15 minutes can already make one feel like they don't have enough. What others have you may not have, but what you have others may not have. Shift focus on what you have right in this moment. May it be the ability to walk, having eyesight, luscious locks of hair, or clean water to drink, it is all a blessing. There is no guarantee that you will have any of those things tomorrow, because tomorrow is not a guarantee. 

7. Trust yourself.
Believing in yourself is the first step to trusting yourself. Take a leap of faith and believe that you are capable. Believe in yourself so much that the mind forms a memory of how wonderful and liberating it feels to do so.