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★ Mogul - A number one trending article, "How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship"

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★ University Bookstore -  October Model of the Month standing for bullying awareness

★ Center of Educational Opportunity -
Undergraduate Senior Spotlight

A Social Entrepreneur Who Happens to Love Nail Art

Known as:
Lisa or Lisa Estrella

What is A Positive Beauty? 
This is a nail art blog with positive living as its sidekick, so whenever you need a quick pick-me-up this safe space's got your back.

You'll find lots of nail art, a sprinkle of beauty-related posts, and endless support on positive living.

Someone who is a "Positive Beauty" is a person who emanates warmth and positivity wherever they go. Beauty shines forever when it is lit from within. 

What inspires your nail art?
My nail artistry is inspired by pro-self-esteem. Pro-self-esteem is about creating an inviting and safe environment that fosters the growth of positive mind and body image.

Each nail art piece is a reflection of my current mood. Some say I wear my heart on my sleeves, but I believe I wear my heart on my nails.

How long have you been doing nail art?
I'm not a licensed nail technician, but I've been in love with this type of artistry for many years. 

I have been doing nail art since middle school! Middle school is a tough stage in any young person's life, so I used nail art as a medium for me to create balance within myself. It was --and still is-- nail art therapy! Fast-forward to today and I am still utilizing nail art as a form of self-expression

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Lisa Estrella Yang

 Passionate about bullying awareness, rape awareness, race & gender liberation, paying it forward, youth and elderly support, and entrepreneurship
Lady M green tea crêpe cake, bruschetta, matcha green tea latte, and freshly squeezed fruit juice.
 Silver, blue-gray, mustard gold, & white
Boston, MA


Combining texture, metallics and embellishments, @lisa_estrella's glistening manicure took home the gold in June's #iHeartNailArt competition! #LiquidMania

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